Registrations Now Open for Summer Camp 2014 Saturday

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Q: What is MASA?
A: MASA stands for Math, Arts, Science Achievement, a center for High Achieving and Talented Youth. MASA is a program sponsored by Space Florida and NASA’s Florida Space Grant Consortium. Our goals provide opportunities for students to be engaged in high quality science and math programs and to excite them about these subjects.

Q: Who is eligible?
A: High achieving and talented students in grades K-8

Q: Who are the teachers?
A: All instructors have expertise in their disciplines and come from a range of professional backgrounds. They include; outstanding teachers from public and private schools and universities, graduate students, exceptional undergraduate students, and professionals in the field.

Q: How many teachers are in a class?
A: There will be one teacher and as many trained club mentors as needed per class.

Q: Can I register online?
A: Certainly. All you need to do is create a MASA account, send in an application for each student, wait for the administration to approve the application, and then begin registering for programs.

Q: Can I pay with a credit card?
A: Yes. One of the features of our website is that you may register and pay with a credit card using our secure checkout system.

Q: Are there scholarships available?
A: Sorry, not at the moment.

Q: Do I have to register for all classes in the semester?
A: No. You may register for one class at a time and the deadline is 2 weeks before each class.

Q: Can I drop off or fax my application?
A: No. All applications will have to be mailed or emailed in.

Q: Can I email or call to reserve a space for a class?
A: No. We cannot guarantee a space until we receive all required paperwork and payment.