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MASA is a program that provides high achieving and gifted students a comfortable and safe environment where they receive an education that excels in Math, Arts, and Science. Students will have opportunities through hands-on activities and inquiry based instruction to explore, comprehend, analyze, discover, and evaluate concepts while motivating one another. MASA nurtures the unique needs of every student while encouraging the development of our future scientists, mathematicians, writers, and thinkers to delve deeper and reach their true potential.

The organization provides an environment where high achieving and gifted students can challenge themselves and exercise their critical thinking skills to help them develop their intellect, use higher cognitive skills to create and to invent. At MASA, students are not given step by step instructions. Instead, they are encouraged to explore and investigate on their own so that they learn to be problem solvers and overcome the fear of being wrong.

MASA offers two programs throughout the year for students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. The Saturday programs are held once a month from September till May and summer camps are in June and July. These programs are held in various locations in Florida. MASA also provides parents and care givers the opportunity to share parenting experiences with each other through our parent workshops and forum. Please click the corresponding links for further program information and application.

Our 8th grade son has been attending the monthly classes at MASA since I discovered the program when he was in grade 6. He is always enthusiastic about the topic covered, and many times has delved further into the topic on his own afterwards. These classes are well planned, taught by teachers who understand the mind of a gifted student, and follow Dr. Chew’s teaching methods. Another benefit is that our son is in a class with other students who are gifted, which is not the case in his regular school. Even though he is now a teen, he still looks forward to the monthly Saturday class. Thinking outside the box, introducing him to concepts not yet covered in school, has prepared him to excel on his ACT college entrance exam taken in 7th grade– enough to receive a State Recognition Award for high scores in Math. The intellectual energy of a gifted student is vast, and MASA funnels this energy in a positive and fun manner. Thanks, Dr. Chew for this excellent program.


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