This program is a wonderful alternative for children that need/want more enrichment. I would recommend it to parents with gifted students that want their children engaged in extracurricular activities.

Sophia Tomadakis

My science-crazy boy has been a MASA devotee for half his life! He's 10 now and still looks forward to his monthly Saturday classes, as well as summer sessions. As a parent, I can't recommend the program enough. Look no further for the best STEM program around!

Marcia D.

We are so thrilled we discovered MASA summer camps! My son attends summer camps every summer. MASA, by far, are the most stimulating, fun and educational of any camp we have encountered. Last summer, my son came home every day with exciting information he couldn't wait to share about the projects he had engineered with fellow classmates. Each day, he could not wait to return the following day. If MASA was the only camp my son had the opportunity to attend in the summer, he has said over and over that he would definitely choose it over other camps. Most schools lack today in their science program. Luckily, my son has had the opportunity to be a part of a good science program; however, the MASA Science camp my son attended last summer would compensate almost a year's worth of science in most schools. We are so thankful to have discovered MASA. My son can't wait to go back this summer!

Dawn W.

MASA is one of the best programs we have found that not only teaches our children, but inspires them. They come home from their Saturday classes energized in a way that I rarely see. Forget that they are destigmatizing the STEM curriculum, they are offering a chance for the children to have fun, make friends and learn how to do amazing things. I love MASA and I'm so happy to watch the program get more and more amazing students. For so many of these children, it's hard to be the "smart kid" during the week. But at MASA, they are just part of a group of children like them. I'm grateful I found the program! My only complaint is that they haven't started a full time elementary charter!!

Samantha G.

MASA was one of the first Orlando area programs I discovered when my son was "officially" identified as gifted in kindergarten four years ago. Since that time, he has attended many Saturday sessions, as well as a few summer camps. The classes are consistently interesting, challenging, informative and FUN! And the administration is always professional, courteous and kind. My son never hesitates to go back and, in fact, looks forward to the Saturday each month when he can attend. I've since found other area gifted programs (I think we've tried them all!), but even though MASA is furthest from our home (about 35 miles), its the only one we go back to time and again. Thanks MASA...I'm so glad to have found you and appreciate all you do for my special boy.

Lisa H.

It was a great camp and I thought the teachers were really good. They gave us fun and challenging activities. I would love to come back next summer!

Matthew C. (4th grade)

Out of all the camps I have been, MASA summer camp is the best. The stuff I learned was fascinating. I learned a lot of new things especially programming. I had a blast!

Erika R. (4th grade)

All three of my boys enjoy the innovative, hands-on MASA Saturday programs. They come home full of ideas and looking forward to their next class!

Joy S.

This summer was my child's first academic day camp experience and it was just what I wanted. I don't think that kindergarten is too early to be introduced to experimentation, critical thinking and problem solving. I was so pleased by the summer day camp and can't wait to expose him to more.

Donna I.

THANK YOU for such an amazing week! I was so thrilled when my son's gifted teacher recommended this camp to us. He came home each day talking about DNA, and bacteria and all sorts of information our school system does not expose our children to. This has been the most stimulating and fun educational camp he has ever attended, I will highly recommended to all parents I know with gifted children. The teacher was friendly and so caring he really enjoyed his week with her, made new friends he would love to come back next summer.

M. Rodriguez

We have participated in the K-2 Saturday Program for one year and it has been fantastic. I wish my son was as enthusiastic about attending his regular school as he is about attending MASA on Saturdays! Dr. Larry Chew possesses very unique insights into the shortcomings of contemporary educational methods. I would like to see his concepts incorporated into K-12 curricula of public and private schools.

R. Henry, M.D.

Our 8th grade son has been attending the monthly classes at MASA since I discovered the program when he was in grade 6. He is always enthusiastic about the topic covered, and many times has delved further into the topic on his own afterwards. These classes are well planned, taught by teachers who understand the mind of a gifted student, and follow Dr. Chew’s teaching methods. Another benefit is that our son is in a class with other students who are gifted, which is not the case in his regular school. Even though he is now a teen, he still looks forward to the monthly Saturday class. Thinking outside the box, introducing him to concepts not yet covered in school, has prepared him to excel on his ACT college entrance exam taken in 7th grade– enough to receive a State Recognition Award for high scores in Math. The intellectual energy of a gifted student is vast, and MASA funnels this energy in a positive and fun manner. Thanks, Dr. Chew for this excellent program.

Liz P.

MASA has been wonderful for our whole family. Our daughter learns in a wonderful environment surrounded by great peers. Parent sessions allow opportunities for parents to share with other parents.

Elissa A.

Hi my name is Isabella Bertolucci and I have been coming to MASA for over 4 years. It's an outstanding program and I look forward to learning and having fun at the same time. I'm in 6th grade and my teacher at MASA is usually Mr. Young. He is amazing! I highly recommend MASA to anyone who is as excited to learn as I am.

Isabella Bertolucci (student)

MASA is a wonderful program. Both my boys have been attending MASA since 1st grade. My older one is now in 8th grade. With schools focusing only on Math & Reading, MASA provides wonderful platform to learn science and it makes it interesting with hands-on activities. MASA plays an important role in my children’s education. Enrollment is very easy. Parents receive emails on upcoming classes, reminders and a summary of what the children learned in each class. The staff is always available to talk to and they always welcome suggestions and feedback. I would highly recommend this program.

Lalitha J.

We love MASA classes and can't say enough great things about the program! Our children look forward to them every month. MASA is giving exactly what we're looking for in an extra educational program for our children.

Lydia and Jason G.

My daughter (age 8) raves about MASA classes. She was nervous about not knowing anyone the first time she attended but the collaborative model of these classes made it easy for her to make new friends. I'm so glad we found this learning opportunity!

Debbie V.